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Dear Reader

Thank you so much for your support of Elevate Medical Hub. As we enter month three since opening it is time for some updates:


Getting Elevate Medical Hub open and operational has been an extremely rewarding labour of love but also very full on and I am taking a much needed short break!


There will be no medical or nursing service available this week and our phone lines will not be answered.

We are open as normal until 1530 Thursday August 24th and will re-open on Monday September 4th at 0900.

Please check your prescriptions, certificates, forms or other things you may need NOW and make an appointment without delay so you are not stuck while I am on leave.

A reminder our standard opening hours at present are Monday – Thursday 0900 – 1530. As we become busier these hours will extend.

Our phone number is 5318 2261. Online appointments will be coming soon for existing patients.


We now have a full complement of staff. For those who missed the Facebook updates an introduction to the staff who will be assisting with your care here:

Practice Manager - Jane Whitney

Practice Nurse - Cherie Palmer - available Tuesday and Thursday

Practice Receptionist - Tracey Hocking

We are a tight knit group who have all worked together for many years and I am delighted to have such a fabulous team on board.


Are now available on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week with our extremely experienced practice nurse Cherie Palmer.


  1. We encourage all our patients with diabetes to book in for a thorough diabetes review in the diabetes clinic available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is an important process to keep your diabetes well managed.
  2. All patients aged 75 and over are eligible for and encouraged to book for a detailed health assessment.

Appointments which are only for these diabetes clinics or age 75+ health assessments are bulk billed to Medicare. Please note this does not include any other services such as renewal of prescriptions.


We are now well stocked with Covid, flu and whooping cough vaccines.

All patients who have not yet had their flu vaccine in 2023 are encouraged to book in with the practice nurse without delay – we are seeing high numbers of flu cases in the community and vaccination is an important part of keeping you protected. Government funded flu vaccinations are available for those aged 65 and older, under 5 and those aged 5-64 with some eligible chronic diseases.

Private flu vaccines are available for all other people at a cost of $25.

Government funded Covid booster vaccination can be provided to all adults over 18 who have not had a Covid vaccine or Covid itself in the previous 6 months. Please book in with the practice nurse.

Adults aged 65 and older and adults aged 18-64 with chronic disease such as heart disease, asthma and diabetes are considered at particular risk and very highly recommended to receive a booster dose if eligible.

We are administering Moderna and Pfizer bivalent Covid vaccines in line with latest recommendations.

If you are not certain of your eligibility please make an appointment with me or the practice nurse to discuss.

Most vaccine only appointments are bulk billed (private vaccines incur a charge for the vaccine itself) – exceptions apply for private vaccines purchased elsewhere and brought to us for administration.


are very welcome at Elevate Medical Hub for both General Practice and Sports Medicine. Word of mouth is our most effective way of making our practice and services known to prospective new patients. We greatly appreciate the many of you who have spread the word so far and are grateful for your continued recommendations to new patients. Please feel free to forward this email to friends and family who would like to find out more about Elevate Medical Hub.

If you are not already receiving this email communication directly from Elevate Medical Hub and would like to please use the link below and provide your details on the form to be added to our email list - it is the most reliable way to receive important practice information from us.

You can also find and like us on Facebook for updates and information by clicking the Facebook icon below:

Thank you again for your support of Elevate Medical Hub. The team and I look forward to continuing to provide you with great quality medical care.

Dr Madhu Tamilarasan

GP and Sports Doctor, Elevate Medical Hub

1115 Great Western Highway, Lithgow, New South Wales 2790
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